NSYF / First Day

The participants started arriving group by group to our hotel in Hammamet , a coastal city in Tunisia,around 11 am. Coming from the 24 governorates of Tunisia, they all united in colors after they had received the forum’s official scarves. Once they got settled in their rooms, they met in the front yard to do some icebreakers and get to know one another. After lunch, the team building activities started.

Our participants started mingling to know one another in the front yard of the hotel
Our participants started mingling to know one another in the front yard of the hotel

After lunch, all of us met in the plenary room to officially kick off the opening ceremony and elect the council members who would be working with the appointed president Henda.

Mehdi , the forum consultant gave some background information about the forum and the idea behind it. He made sure to highlight the crucial importance of youth unity as a driving force of change.

Henda, the forum president presented the overall framework of the event including the main objectives of the forum and the committee work system.

Participants energizing themselves during the plenary session.

In the evening, we all met again in the plenary room. Three guests marked the night. The first guest was Mohamed Taher Dridi, a 15-year old scout who has become very fond of theater acting thanks to scouting. Mohamed had discovered his talent few years ago when he was still a young wolf. In one of the national wolves’ gathering, he obtained the Actor Badge and he has decided since then to improve his acting skills through engaging in other theater projects outside of the scouting organization. Mohamed appeared on stage yesterday to perform a short sketch in Tunisian. He caught the attention of everyone in the room including his father who was admirably watching him among the audience.

Mohamed rocking the stage last night
Mohamed rocking the stage last night

The second guest was a scout leader called Mounam El-Deimi. He shared his success story with the participants. Mounam is a university professor and researcher. He is also the founder of a very famous charity organization in Tunisia. He has been to countless international scout events and succeeded at representing the Tunisian civil society abroad.

Leader Mounam sharing his experience
Leader Mounam sharing his experience

The third guest was the national commissioner of the Tunisian scouts Leader Wahid Laabidi. He started off his intervention with expressing his positive feelings toward the initiative and stressed the importance of giving youth a voice.

Leader Wahid on stage
Leader Wahid on stage

Before leaving the room, a group photo was organized to send amazing vibes to the outer world!

The Group!
The Group!

3 thoughts on “NSYF / First Day

  1. wahid says:

    Dear Tunisian Scout Youth,
    First thanks to the organizing committee. It is my pleasure to congratulate you all for being proactive right after the Tunisian Scout Conference held in Bir Elbey on Sep 2013. I believe your 1st Forum would be a great platform to help you to focus on bringing together the various strands of youth engagement and empowerment activities, at regional and national levels, so as to maximize the impact that young Tunisian/Arab Scouts might have in driving our Movement forward. It is crucial to believe that Youth Program is implemented through a partnership between young people and adult leaders, taking into account the participants’ interests, needs and abilities. Hope that you can discuss and deliver to the next Tunisian Scout conference in 2016 inshallah a realistic set of targets on Youth Involvement for “les Scouts Tunisiens” and also contribute in developing a New World Youth Involvement Policy.
    Wish you all the best.
    Wahid Labidi

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